I had dull sharp pain and clicking in my left shoulder and crunching pain in my left knee due to previous falls in martial arts classes 10 years ago. Since then I’d done very little exercise due to the pain. My GP sent me to a physiotherapist and I did the prescribed exercises, but they had no effect. Within one week of my first Bowen treatment I realized the clicking and crunching in both shoulder and knee had completely gone and I was pain free. Having Bowen has made all the difference. It is very gentle, relaxing and really does work. I keep up the good work with regular Bowen ‘top-ups’ every couple of months. Pam has a lovely manner that puts you at your ease and she seems to intuitively know what to do to target the problem.
I now regularly attend Pam’s yoga sessions and workshops. Her method of teaching, sheer amount of knowledge and dedication to helping her students is quite amazing. I feel very lucky to have met Pam.

– Cath W.
I wasn’t feeling myself and went to the doctors to find out I had an overactive thyroid – I was told I would have to take medication for the next five years. I felt so down and depressed and mentioned this to my yoga teacher, knowing she practiced Bowen.
I had three sessions of Bowen with her then went back to my doctors to find my count had gone back to normal. The doctors couldn’t understand this and I stopped taking my medication.
I know and feel this is all down to the Bowen and yoga.

– Wendy
I jarred my hip over 20 years ago and lost the strength and flexibility in my lower back. I would wake up around 5 or 6 am with sharp pain and stiffness in my back which made turning over in bed very difficult and I never really got back to sleep. I would also occasionally suffer with sciatica. Physiotherapy helped but did not resolve the problem. After four Bowen treatments my condition stabilized and I sleep well now.
I have also improved my flexibility, strength and fitness considerably through Pam’s yoga classes. Pam works with all abilities and can adapt a class to suit the individual. I particularly enjoy the more dynamic Ashtanga Yoga workshops

– Woman aged 47 with backache/sciatica.
Mrs. B. was often kept awake with pins & needles, numbness and cramp in her legs and feet. Walking had become difficult as both her hips could give way so she used a stick. Her low back and legs felt heavy and prolonged sitting made her low back ache. B. found 4 treatments sufficient to ease her legs, feet and back. She is now sleeping well at night and the distance she can walk has increased. She has regular treatments every month to maintain this.

– Woman aged 68 with restless leg syndrome/arthritis
L. suffered with whiplash from a road traffic accident 10 years previously. This caused constant referred tension pain into her neck and down her right shoulder blade and had reduced mobility whilst turning her head to the left which made driving difficult. She was often tired and stressed due to having 2 children to look after. This made her shoulders tense and she gritted her teeth at night so therefore used a mouth guard. L had a course of 3 Bowen treatments which was enough to significantly reduce her neck pain and bring back full mobility. She generally felt relaxed and able to cope, noting immediate relief in her shoulders and no longer using her mouth guard

– Woman aged 34 with whiplash/stress
M. originally came to the Bowen clinic with a constant mid to low backache which he’d had since his teens. He had regularly been to a chiropractor but found the pain kept ‘coming back’. In 3 Bowen treatments he was amazed to find he was completely pain free and his condition had stabilized.
He arrived back at the clinic 4 months later complaining of sharp pain and swelling in his left ankle and left knee after having missed his footing on the last 4 rungs of a ladder at work. His GP diagnosed torn ligaments in his left ankle and advised to keep weight off it for a week. M. received one treatment and returned to the clinic the next day to say thank you. He jumped up and down to prove his ankle and knee were pain free and the swelling had gone. He now has regular treatments every 2 months as a preventative to any further injuries.

– Man aged 43 with backache and ankle injury
Due to a recommendation from a friend M. decided to try The Bowen Technique for an old whiplash injury which caused constant toothache type pain in the right side of her neck. During the initial consultation it transpired that she had previously been having regular acupuncture for migraines, hot flushes and insomnia. All her symptoms including the neck pains had eased considerably after her first Bowen treatment. In all M. responded well to a course of 5 treatments and has not required any further treatment of any sort.

– Woman aged 59 with whiplash, migraines, hot flushes and insomnia.