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About Pam Luker

Pam Luker


Pam recognises the importance well being and feels yoga can help balance modern life and bring back a sense of harmony. Having previous experience of back and joint issues she has a supportive understanding and patient approach to her teaching.

Her classes invite students to explore movement and breath with integrity and learn more about themselves without judgement.

Pam completed a Windfire training course in Dynamic Yoga in 2002 with Godfrey Devereux, founder of the Windfire Yoga Training Institute. www.dynamicyoga.com

Bowen Technique

Connectivity between body mind and spirit has lead Pam to approach a holistic and integral view of anatomy. She studies fascial (connective tissue) links within the body structure that affect our whole being physically and emotionally, and offers a safe, gentle and complete therapeutic approach with The Bowen Technique.

Her training is ongoing and has previously included courses such as Sports Injuries, Hormonal Balancing, TMJ/Spinal/Pelvic Imbalances, Trigger Points, Body Reading and Assessment Skills.

  • Qualified in 2007 with The European College of Bowen Studies(ECBS) www.thebowentechnique.com
  • Anatomy & Physiology VCTC level 3 diploma


Wild As The Wind Natural Skincare & Essential Oils

I use a good number of Wild As The Wind products, especially their essential oils. Wild As The Wind offer one of the most extensive ranges of therapeutic grade UK essential oils because their product quality and customer support are excellent.

Essential oils are very beneficial for supporting our emotional and physical wellbeing. These potent oils have broad-ranging applications, and in my experience, they really work.

I coordinate the Wild As The Wind Newquay Buying Group. This is open to everyone in Newquay and surrounding area. It is free to participate, and there are no obligations of any kind.

If you would like to participate in the Wild As The Wind Newquay Buying Group, simply visit the Wild As The Wind Online Shop, select the oils you would like to buy, and then get in touch with me.

Participating in the Wild As The Wind Newquay Buying Group means that you won’t have to pay postage & packaging costs.

*Delivery costs apply to individual orders made directly through the Wild As The Wind Online Shop, but they don’t apply when you order through the Wild As The Wind Newquay Buying Group.