Dynamic Yoga

Dynamic Yoga.

Dynamic Yoga in Newquay

The Dynamic Yoga Training Method is a process of rhymthmically moving in and out of yoga postures using sensitivity and awareness. This systematic progression of using the body and breath is a safe and effective way to learn yoga posture practice.

It enables us to be more conscious of our posture, habits and thoughts, releasing tension and hardness and inviting self enquiry. Therefore allowing the body freedom to move effortlessley whilst focusing and calming the mind in preparation for stillness in yoga postures or meditation.

The practical aim is to release deep psychic blocks, to find self-acceptance and reduce the anxiety of being alive. When yoga practice is taken with care and attention you will experience deep but alert relaxation at the end of a session and become more relaxed within your daily activities and within yourself.

Dynamic yoga has something for everyone of any age or fitness level. It does not require any beliefs nor is it a religion. It is the integral method of practice that expresses the unity of the body/mind/spirit as a whole.


Every client will be required to fill in and sign a medical history form and sign two copies of a privacy statement one of which the clinic keeps and the other for the client.

A parent or guardian must accompany children under the age of 16 years of age at all times and will be required to fill in and sign any paperwork on their behalf.

Yoga One to One sessions

Recommended for all clients but is particularly helpful after Bowen or any other treatment to maintain and enhance the work done by the therapist. Can be shared with up to three other people. Can be booked during Bowen clinic hours – please ring for opening times.

Small class groups

Pre-booking essential.


Longer sessions and an opportunity to explore in more depth than a general class.

Meditation & Pranayama (yoga breathing)

Further exploration into the liberation and freedom of mind and breath.

What to wear

  • Comfortable stretchy clothing with visibility around the ankles and bare feet.
  • Practice on an empty stomach. Allow three hours after a meal or one hour after a light snack.
  • If you have any medical conditions please let Pam know in advance.
  • The studio provides mats, blocks, blankets and other equipment.